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Pros & Cons Of Buying An Existing Business

The entrepreneurial urge is a powerful one. Entire tomes have been written about people who have started their own businesses and risen to the heights of success. But the simple fact is that not everyone has the time, dedication, or wherewithal to build a business from the ground up. Fortunately, there's another way. One of the more common ways to scratch the entrepreneurial itch is to acquire a company that already exists. There are actually a number of advantages to buying an existing business.

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How To Identify Your Best Employees And What To Do With Them

Whether you’re the owner of a business or a shift supervisor, learning how to identify high performers in the workplace is a key responsibility for any manager.

High-performing employees can be the difference between success and mediocrity. Sometimes they are the owners, sometimes they are employees. Either way, it’s vital to understand them.

But how do you recognize which workers are outperforming their compatriots and how do you use that knowledge?

In this article, we discuss how to identify high-performing employees, how to define success, and how to turn that knowledge into a system that can help you grow your business.

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Industry Spotlight: Why You Should Buy a Roofing Company

As entrepreneurs embark on their journey to acquire a business, one of the biggest hurdles they will encounter is what type of company to buy.

It makes sense that people would prefer to buy something in an industry they’re familiar with but that isn’t always feasible. After all, you shouldn’t  pass up a great deal just because you don’t fully know the business. 

There are a number of industries ripe for growth, even in tough economic times. At Acquira, that’s one reason why we love home services businesses. They’re recession resilient, they often have an established clientele, and they provide a service that everybody needs. 

In this industry feature, we discuss roofing companies as a possible option. Roofing is a prime example of the businesses we’re talking about. Not only can it stand up to the pressure of recessions, but it’s also a business that isn’t based on trends or market movements. After all, everybody needs a roof. 

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Find Out How Much You’ll Make Each Month As A New Business Owner

If you’ve spent even half an hour looking for businesses to acquire, you know that their prices are usually determined as a multiple of EBITDA. EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) is a common metric used to compare profitability between companies and industries but it does very little to explain how much money you, as the owner, will have in your pocket at the end of the month. In this article we discuss how to figure out how much you'll have in your pocket at the end of each month as a new business owner.

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These Deal Archetypes Will Help You Find Better Businesses

There’s no such thing as a perfect company when it comes to acquisitions.  Whether you’re looking to expand your operations by buying a similar business to your own, or you’re looking to diversify your core offering, it’s almost guaranteed that whatever you find won’t be a perfect fit. When assessing a business beyond just its financials, it helps to break them into different archetypes. It’s a way to create a scorecard for each company and determine what’s missing from their operations so that we may make improvements.  In this article, we explore the different archetypes we use to evaluate deals. These archetypes help us analyze businesses to determine whether they're a good deal or whether they should be disqualified outright.

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Start-Ups Vs Small Businesses

If you’ve ever worked in the technology sector, know someone who has, or if you’ve ever caught an episode of Silicon Valley, you’ve heard the term “startup.” The term “startup” …

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Quick and Effective Business Selling

For folks who have built their own business from the ground up, the prospect of selling it is oftentimes difficult to consider. For other people, selling it off may have …

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Why SEO Is Important For a Newly Acquired Business

These days, when people look for any type of business, their search begins with Google or another search engine.

But how do you ensure that your business is one of the first things they see when they look at the results?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool designed exactly for this problem. It was once solely the domain of online stores and web-based companies, but traditional brick and mortar businesses have found great success using the same methodology to drive traffic to their own companies.

In today’s article, we explore how to apply SEO best practices to any business and help the company realize its full potential.

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Why Northwest Arkansas Is A Great Place To Buy A Business

Location is often a sticking point for people who are looking to acquire a business. Do you stay close to home or strike out somewhere new? Do you look in a market you know or buy a business in an up and coming market? In this regional spotlight, we discuss why Northwest Arkansas is a place you should consider buying. From its rapid growth to its culture and economy, the region has a lot to offer.

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How Connecting With Brokers Can Help You Find More Businesses

One of the biggest pain points for our Acquisition Entrepreneurs is in finding deals to assess. The best way to find those deals is through business brokers.

After all, any advantage you can find over other budding buyers can mean the difference between finding a great company quickly and wallowing in pre-acquisition hell for an indefinite amount of time.

Business brokers are one of the biggest gatekeepers you'll encounter on your business acquisition journey.

In today's article, we discuss how to build relationships with brokers so you can get access to a higher volume of potential deals and see deals before they're publicly listed.

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